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Business web hosting. Totally managed. Undeniably affordable. Paid per month.

$9small site   $15 med site   $25+ eCommerce site   or custom available

There are many hosting providers out there. Some provide unlimited plans with "amazing" value, that can actually slow you down or put your site in danger due to large numbers of sites on one server. Others, you could be paying more than you should. We mix the use of our own server technologies combined with central cloud hosting from some of the world's most respected and reliable providers, to offer industry-leading hosting. We'll be the first to say that we definitely aren't the cheapest. However, when you consider that you have amazing on-tap support people who setup your site and can help you make most small changes to your setup (email changes, even some small site changes) included in your monthly cost or for a small additional payment given to you with preferred-client pricing, then our hosting really makes sense. Best of all? You don't have to be an IT guru to have hosting with us.

Focus less on making your website work so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

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Pro web design
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At Datariver, we care so much about design that we had to develop our own design language. Our focus on simplicity, minimalism and easy-to-use UI is what makes us so passionate toward the way things look. In our minds, we believe that every angle, colour and image has a purpose and profound effect on the way in which content is consumed. As a result, our focus on ensuring this consumption is executed in an intended fashion is our number one aim - both in our own works, and for our clientele.

Our web-design is produced around these design principles. Every project we undertake involves hard-work and dedication to craft our client a website that satisfies both their standards and requirements as well as our own quality criteria, because ultimately, every project we undertake is part of the Datariver story in creating a beautifully digital world for businesses. It all starts with your business, what kind of site you'd like and then voila - your project is started.

With sites starting as low as $399 or even $149 for a two-pager, it's value-packed and more affordable than you think. eCommerce from $599.

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Datariver is a modern-focused design and technology services firm located in Melbourne, Australia.
Technology is what we live and breathe. From hosting and design solutions to rebranding and more, we're here to assist you around the clock whilst sticking to an upfront budget and reliable timeframe.

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